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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tucson Citizens Speak out for Impeachment- Video

Democracy for America-Tucson (DFA-Tucson) has produced a compelling 10 minute video capturing many of the arguments made by Tucson citizens on why it is important for our Congressional Representatives to conduct impeachment investigations now.
You can view this important video clip on the internet at the following web addresses. Simply click on any address below:

On February 20th, 2008, DFA-Tucson sponsored a public meeting with guest Maura Policelli, the Chief of Staff to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. The two hour meeting was marked with potent statements by the audience on the issues of impeachment and the illegal occupation of Iraq. Ms. Policelli tried to put a good face on Rep. Giffords' positions, but it became apparent that political calculations are keeping Rep. Giffords from upholding her Constitutional duty by supporting an impeachment investigation, which millions of Americans have requested. To his credit, Rep. Grijalva has supported such an investigation and has consistently voted against supplemental funding for the continued occupation of Iraq.

DFA-Tucson and the ad hoc group Get Giffords On Board to Impeach are asking all activists throughout District 8 in Southern Arizona to:

1. Watch the video
2. Share it with others who feel Congress must reassert its authority now
3. Call Rep. Giffords office and tell her you have seen the video. Add your personal thoughts, including the need for her to "sign the Wexler letter" calling for investigations into torture, habeas corpus, wiretapping, signing statements and illegal war.

The numbers are:
(520) 881-3588 (Tucson Office)
1(877) 331-1223 (Free Capitol Operator, ask to be directed to Rep. Giffords)
1(202) 225-2542 (Direct line to DC Office)

Please make every effort to call this week, however, it'll never be too late to add your voice to the growing local citizenry demanding impeachment hearings. We invite you to join DFA-Tucson in commitment to this and future efforts on behalf of democracy, human rights, peace and justice.

For more democracy,
The DFA-Tucson Steering Committee
PS - A 60-minute video version of the February 20th event is also available below at:

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by Tucson on Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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