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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DFATucson March 2009 Meeting

Wednesday , March 11, 7-9pm
DFATucson Monthly Meeting, (2nd Wed. of every month)
City of Tucson Ward 6 Office (Community Room), 3202 E 1st St.
(One block south of Speedway on Country Club, turn east onto 1st St to address)
Click on Location Map

Offer your ideas and become active in DFA Tucson. Everyone is invited to become a member or to renew their membership. Elections will be held for the available spots on the Steering Committee. We'll have a discussion of the activities completed and activities planned for this year.
A draft agenda for Wed. evening is as follows:
1. Review of past year:
*Video taped interview with Gen. Adams, Dick Eaton, Rick G and Mike Bryan as moderator; Iran attack. 3/08.
*Bob Bowman, presentation on everything. 9/08.
*The economy with a Dec meeting resulting in a focus group for fiscal/monetary study and reform.
*Ellen Brown sponsorship and presentation, 1/09
*Election integrity support and participation. Past and current: Monday Voices/DFA meeting, 3/9/09.
* Presentations on Nuclear Power, regular DFA meeting and World Harmony, summer, 08.
* Pre-election World Harmony programs: Consequences of 9/11; McCain vs. Obama analysis.
* Tour of Solon, Inc. solar panel production plant, 2/09.
* The Iraq War and Impeachment went to the back burner with the national elections and the economy meltdown.

2. Treasury Report - Alex
New laddered proposed dues structure - Dick
Bring your checkbook for this coming year's dues.

3. Elections for 2009. S.C. members serve 2 year terms, unlimited in number. Officers serve 2 year terms, maximum of 2 consecutive terms by By-Laws.

In March 2009 the following were elected:
Dick Kaiser, Co-Chair, until 3/10, eligible for a second term
Rick Graap, " " , until 3/10, end of second/final term
Jody Gibbs, term ends 3/10
Mike Bryan, term ends 3/10

Joining the S.C. subsequent to March were:
Stuart Thomas, wishes to continue
Jell Latas, wishes to continue

Current terms up, eligible to continue on the S.C.
Alex Waddell, Treasurer, looking for a replacement for this office
Steven Lesh, Liason ad hoc among other activities for us
Omid Mahdavi, Secretary, has been submerged with work the past year

Anyone knowing of another individual with interest to be on the S.C., please contact them and advise them of our meeting. The By-Laws allow for 5 to 9 members; all our meetings are open to anyone else who wishes to come and participate, but the elected members are expected to participate and contribute with regularity.

4. Issue Activities
a. Economy and monetary reform: continue actively or leave primary effort to the new group?
b. Middle East and other wars of empire; what next?
c. Election Integrity: likely continue to be supportive with the established E.I. Committees.
d. Impeachment: conversion to Prosecution. The S.C. has considered this to be a top priority. Dick can update.
e. Campaign Finance Reform AKA "Follow the Money" Another top priority; can we have an impact?

There are other issues of great importance but likely we will be supportive of other groups actively working on them: Single Payer Health Coverage; Nuclear Power and Disarmament; Global Warming/Clean Energy and others.

Then there is a strong sense that we need real progressive candidates; Jeff and Dick both have thoughts and ideas about how to proceed and strategies for success.

We will push for continued and expanded coordination with like-minded groups and activities, such as Voices, World Harmony, Az. Progressive Caucus, Project Vote Smart, and the regional Democratic Party (and other parties as appropriate),. This listing not being all-inclusive.

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by DFA on Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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